Chris Inchley, Chair, Shepton Mallet Town Council

This weekend we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Great War of 1914-1918. Place names like Gallipoli, Jutland, Verdun, Passchendaele and the Somme still draw vivid and terrible images of untold suffering, death and destruction.

The town council’s working party has organised a series of events to mark the ending of that horrific war where so many in our community lost friends and relatives.

On Saturday, we will plant a memorial tree in Collett Park and unveil a new commemorative bench provided by the Shepton branch of the Royal British Legion. This will be followed with tea accompanied by music in Collett Park. All events will be held between 1pm and 4pm.

On Sunday, we will gather at the War Memorial to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for King and Country.

The relief at the end of this grim chapter in our country’s history was one of intense emotion. But knowing your son, your husband, or your father would never return must have been almost impossible to bear.

My partner and I live in a house once occupied by a fallen Sheptonian. Our neighbour also lives in a home where a soldier gave his life. Yet it is hard for us today to fully comprehend how people felt at the ending of such carnage and loss.

Our War Memorial states: “In honour of those who served in the Great War 1914-18 and in grateful remembrance of those who went out of Shepton Mallet and laid their lives for their country.” Let us all remember them:


L J Allen. J Hares. H Parker
E Baker. J Harris. A J Pepler
A W Bishop. W H Hatcher. H T Perry
F Blacker. T G Hazzard. G Phillips
W Bodman. A R Heard. W A Pittard
JE Bond. F Hicks. H T Preece
G C Bradbury A Higgins. E H Pullen
F J Brown. B E Higgins. F J E Pullen
K Brown. H Higgins. F Ransome
H Bryant. J Higgins. H H Ravenhill
W C Burgess. W J Higgins. L M Reakes
H J Catchpool. R C Hill. W Reakes
V Chick. A S Hoddinott. R C Read
J R Chinnock. J N Hodges. E Rideout
H T Church. J V Hodges. G F Rolls
R V Clerk. B C Holder. W E Rossiter
F Clifford. G Holland. M Rutherford
A S Collins. S V Hoskins. A S G Seaton
A Collis. W N Hoskins. J Shore
A G Cooke. A W Hyatt. S Shore
F G Colston. H Hyatt. W E Shore
E Connock. S V James. M H Short
ARR Coward. P W Jones. T Shugar
AWJ Coward. C Kerle. R Slocombe
B S Crook. J H Kerle. E Spratt
W G Crook. T Kerton. A Stacey
L Cullen. W H Lambert. J H Standrick
H Currey. R Larcombe. F J Steele
T N Darville. A J Laver. C H Stock
W E Darville. W H Lewis. A Stokes
F Davis. E C Lintern. A G Stone
H Davis. C Maidment. P Strong
C F Draper. C C H Mail. C Thick
C Embleton. HA E Marchant. J W Trippick
G L Francis. H E Mees. W A Upshaw
F Fussell. S Miller. S Vaughan
W H Grant. A G Moon. A R Visick
A H Green. L G Moon. H W WarMent
H Green. O G Moon. W B Webb
J A Green. W T Moon. A White
J Griffen. G Morgan. E A White
L J Gull. E Mudford. J H White
E Gulliford. A Newport. N H Wiggin
F Gulliford. C J Newport. H G Williams
E G Ham. J F Orledge. H Willshire
A E Hann. W G Orledge. W Woollard
H E Hares. S S Ware