Resignation and vacancy
We announce the resignation of Councillor Gemma Kayum from the town council and thank her for her enthusiasm and participation over the last few months. Gemma has several pressing commitments and is unable to diligently give the town council position the time that she wants to. Consequently there is a vacancy on the town council. The attached poster explains the process. If you are interested in becoming a councillor please speak to either the town clerk or any serving councillor to get an insight into this interesting role, and how you can serve your community.

A by-election (ie public vote) can be called by the electorate, or if no by-election is requested the vacancy can be filled by co-option at a future council meeting (councillor vote). There are currently three other vacancies on the town council and they are being filled through the by-election process after May 2021 (delayed due to the pandemic and could potentially be further delayed due to ongoing lockdown).