I hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxing Easter. The spring weather finally seems to be arriving after the cold of Easter. The re-opening of local hospitality businesses and shops this week and the return of schools next week is adding to the gradual sense of normality returning. The re-surfacing of the town centre is continuing apace, and although the noise and disruption was never going to be welcome, it does mark the start of the transformation of our most central space; add in the refurbishment of the library which has now started and after a few more weeks we really will see Shepton rebound for the summer!

It’s always good to learn about projects that happen around the town and regarding the library, the social enterprise that was established to promote and enhance the way the library is used by the community, particularly outside of opening hours – 7 Starlings – will be among one of the groups explaining what they do at this year’s Annual Parish Meeting. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago; this meeting is hosted by the Town Council but is a forum for any group to explain to others what they do. Also at the meeting will be representatives from Mendip Citizens Advice Bureau, YMCA and Windsor Hill Wood. In the future, we’ll make sure this meeting is not only exciting and engaging but also physically interactive. For the time being, it’ll be hosted online but still open for anyone in Shepton to attend. Put 7pm on 27 April on your calendar! Login details will be published on our website (sheptonmallet-tc.gov.uk) and on our noticeboards in the next few days.

Until next time.
Matt Harrison, Chairperson