There is definitely a chill in the air now that we’re firmly into Autumn! Shortly we will see our natural environment change, with leaves turning and dropping in preparation for winter as well as the nights rolling in. 

In brighter news, the Town Council’s Arts, Culture and Tourism Committee has committed a budget for events this winter through November and December to ensure the community feel of Shepton is retained and the Christmas spirit is spread. The working party of Councillors leading on this events programme recently had its first meeting and is assembling a calendar of fantastic events for everyone in the Town to mirror the packed programme we hosted in the Summer months.

The working party want to hear from individuals/groups in the town who are already organising an event which we can help advertise and also want to hear from individuals/groups who have a bright idea for an event that can come alive with some funding from the Council. 

The criteria are very loose for what ‘type’ of event the Council is going to include in its programme as we’re sure the community will have many bright ideas that the working party haven’t thought of. Make sure to get in touch with us using this link if you know of an event being organised or would like to host one this winter for the town!

Until next time,

Matt Harrison

Chair, Shepton Mallet Town Council