So, with Unitary and Town Council elections just around the corner and the recent addition of two replacement members of staff to the team it is all change in Shepton Mallet Town Council.

One of our recent focuses has been on collectively galvanising the councillors and staff team and involving the community to deliver on a whole scope of projects. This has ranged from the town centre resurfacing to the delivery of the winter and summer series events. We have also received very positive feedback regarding the new Shepton Mallet Town Council branding, which brings everything we do to life.

This time three years ago I completed my application to become a town councillor for the very first time. Not long before that I hadn’t even considered the role of a town councillor. I now view this important position as integral to community and the positive continued development of our beloved town Shepton Mallet and all that it has to offer.

Part of our role as town councillors is to encourage and mentor the next generation of town councillors so we can successfully pass on the baton.

With applications to be elected into one of the 16 seats due in at the beginning of April, I would urge anyone to consider running in this voluntary but valuable position if they want to be a part of the exciting conversations and decision making for our town in the next 5 years.

Please follow the link for more information on applying:

Matt will be back next week but it was nice to fill in,

Abi McGuire, Vice Chair, Shepton Mallet Town Council