From next Monday, you’ll start to see the new ‘Welcome to Shepton’ signs being installed on the outskirts of town. We have 8 signs replacing the existing green signs at the same locations.

The signs have been designed to represent the town’s industrial heritage, cultural vibrancy, and community-focused economy. The new signs are part of the Town Council’s continued investment in the town. First impressions are very important and we wanted the new boundary signage to be visually pleasing, easy-to-understand and have a positive impact on those who live, work, and visit the town. We’ve tried to draw together images that celebrate the many aspects of Shepton Mallet and make it such a special place. We wanted to give people a sense of arrival when they reach the town. I hope the new boundary signage will help to boost civic pride. Many of the signs being replaced are damaged so it’s a good opportunity to not only refresh the physical infrastructure but the design too.

The town’s signage is an important factor in the town’s overall public image, impacting both how residents perceive and feel about their place of residence, as well as the perceptions of those visiting the town.
In a few weeks’ time, you’ll also see our ‘wayfaring signs’ being rolled out… the smaller, in-town local signs that indicate local facilities. Again, these are being installed because most of the smaller in-town signage is filthy, incorrect or dilapidated so we’re taking the opportunity to roll out a consistent design that will be both visually more attractive and more useful.

Until next time,

Matt Harrison, Chair, Shepton Mallet Town Council