Pre-election news – 24th March 2022

This week we entered the ‘Pre-election’ period in the lead up to elections on 5th May. For the Council this means business as usual, however, local authorities must be extra careful in this period (between the notice of the election and the election day) not to publicise the views of political parties, or to give any candidate(s) an electoral advantage, or to allow public funds to be used for an activity which may be viewed as party political. It is for this reason that officers will be posting to keep you up to date with news rather than the Chairman or other Councillors.

On the subject of elections, therefore, please check out our news post on elections to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming elections, where to get information to stand as a councillor, and where to make sure that you are registered to vote.

So, this time is a very brief update. Until next time enjoy the beautiful spring weather,

Claire Commons, Town Clerk, Shepton Mallet Town Council