Pre-election news

This week I am opening with a massive Thank You to all the volunteers and professionals who have delivered over 90,000 Covid-19 vaccinations from the Shape Mendip vaccination centre. For those who don’t know, the centre closes today (5th April). The selflessness and kindness of people never ceases to amaze and inspire others and this community and will only continue to provide strength and resilience in whatever form that kindness comes.
Turning to Town Council matters, the tree in Collett Park which was damaged in storm Eunice has been removed and the park is bursting into Spring Life in a fervour of colour.
In the background the Council is working hard to prepare for local government reorganisation, putting things in place to ensure that the town continues to be well served by the public sector and ensure that communication remains high.
The Human Resources Committee has resolved to replace the existing communications post and put in place a fundraiser post. This is very exciting for the community as the communications post will ensure that your views are heard and that you hear back from the Council all that it is doing on your behalf. The fundraiser post will be able to source funding for projects which will then mean less tax is used to provide the benefits for the community. Watch this space for the vacancy adverts.

Claire Commons, Town Clerk, Shepton Mallet Town Council