Residents and visitors to Shepton Mallet are discovering vibrant new wayfinding signs that have been erected throughout the town. The new signage has replaced out-of-date, tatty, and often graffiti-covered signs, as part of Shepton Mallet Town Council’s plans for investment in the area. The signage aims not only to indicate functional sites but also to encourage visitors to explore the town. This is done by using designs, including the introduction of ‘monolith’ signs, which are a blend of information and street art.

Councillor Matt Harrison, Chair of Shepton Mallet Town Council, said; “The new wayfinding signs are part of our continuing efforts to showcase the many aspects of the town, its industrial heritage, cultural vibrancy, and community-focused economy, which make Shepton Mallet so special. We wanted to ensure the signs would be visually pleasing, easy-to-understand and have a positive impact on those who live, work, and visit in the town. We’ve been pleased with the amount of positive comments we have received. People seem to really like them.”

It is hoped that the new wayfinding signage, which has replaced tatty and out-of-date signs, will improve information about the town and help to boost civic pride.
Councillor Harrison added; “the town’s signage is an important factor in the town’s overall public image. We wanted local residents to feel proud about their place of residence, and also improve the perceptions of those visiting the town.”