On Tuesday 24th January the Town Council will meet at 7pm in the Council Chamber at Shape Mendip to discuss the situation relating to the Leisure Centre.

The purpose of the meeting is to agree the formal position of the Council and to begin discussions around the role of the Town Council in leisure provision in Shepton Mallet.

All Town Council meetings are open for the public to attend, 20 minutes is set aside at the start of the meeting for public comments and questions. If you wish to speak at the meeting, please contact the Town Clerk at town.clerk@sheptonmallet-tc.gov.uk before 5pm on 24th briefly outlining what you wish to say.

Once the public session is over, you are welcome to stay and observe the meeting but there will be no further opportunity to speak or take part. The minutes of the meeting will be published on the Town Council website later in the same week.

Claire Commons
Town Clerk