Have your say in the budget-setting process for next year.



Shepton Mallet Town Council today announced a budget-setting workshop, a new addition to the annual sequence of meetings which the council undertakes in the autumn to prepare the budget. The public budget workshop is an opportunity to hear the Council’s plans for the coming year and offers a new way for residents to feed their thoughts into the process before the budget is agreed. For those who cannot make the workshop, there will be a drop in session the following afternoon where you can ask questions and feed in your thoughts.

“It is really helpful to hear the thoughts of the community about the budget,” says Claire Commons, Town Clerk at Shepton Mallet Town Council. “When the community has involvement in and a deeper understanding of the budget and the council has greater knowledge of the areas of the budget that the community places most importance in, the ability to deliver for and with the community increases.”

Features and benefits of the public budget workshop include.

·      Greater understanding of the budget and its relationship with the Council Tax

·      Input into the Council’s financial conversations for the coming year


The Budget Workshop will take place in the Library on 17th October 2023 with a drop-in session on the afternoon of 18th October. For more information, visit www.sheptonmallet-tc.gov.uk/budget.