Are you involved in a local organisation that requires funding towards a local project?

Shepton Mallet Town Council operates a community grants scheme which award local organisations and community groups to help achieve their aims and objectives. These can be used to fund either new projects or continued services and may also be used as matched funding.

The Town Council has a policy of assisting local community groups and applications must be from a properly formed group, club, committee or charity, which must show that the group has charitable/community aims whilst benefitting the residents of Shepton Mallet.

The Council operates three different grant programmes:

  • One-Off Small Grants – revenue only from £1 to £500 (One-off meaning in relation to a particular project not in any one financial year).
  • One-Off Large Grants – revenue and capital £501 to £2000
  • Strategic Grants – where the council will provide funding for more than one year and supported with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). These will be awarded in exceptional circumstances where the council wishes to commission a service/organisation that it believes is critical to the wellbeing of the Town


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Section One - Your Group

(These should be the same as the purposes set out in your constitution or other governing document)
(See policy paragraph 3 for more information).
Are you a branch of a larger group?
How many people are involved in the running of your group?
Are you a membership group?
Are you, or a member of your organisation an SMTC Councillor, an SMTC employee or related to any Councillor or employee of SMTC?

Section Two - About Your Project

Please explain how you know that people in the community want this project, event or activity and what difference a grant will make.
Please include each risk and how it will be mitigated.
Include start and finish dates and/or times.
Will your project continue after the end date mentioned above?

Section Three - Project Costs

Please include each item or activity and its costs as individual lines
Please include dates and purpose, amounts requested and amounts received.
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e.g. additional literature, photos, leaflet or recent annual report

Section Four - Governance

Do you hold a safeguarding policy? (this is for projects involving children and young people or vulnerable adults).
Do all staff, paid or volunteers, who have direct contact with children/young people and/or vulnerable adults have the appropriate level DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate?
Do you hold a quality standard?
Do you have Public Liability insurance?
Do you have Employer Liability insurance?
Do you have buildings/property insurance?
Do you hold a Equalities and Diversity Policy?

Under the Equalities Act 2010, SMTC has a legal duty to ensure that people from the Protected Characteristics are not disadvantaged by the decisions it makes including those related to grant applications.

We also want to ensure that people from the Protected Characteristics are not consciously or unintentionally excluded from the project that is the subject of the grant application. All voluntary and community organisations must also comply with their legal duties including the Equality Act 2010. There can be significant consequences if they fail to do so. Further information and guidance on this can be found at and

In assessing this application SMTC will therefore expect that Equalities considerations have been taken into account and that there are no negative impacts for any of the Protected Characteristics.

If your project is specifically designed to benefit people sharing a protected characteristic(s), please indicate which of the following applies. This will assist us with our Equalities monitoring.

Protected Characteristic’s – please tick all that apply

Section Five - Bank Details

Does your group have its own bank account?
Are you VAT registered?


The information you have provided will be used by SMTC to assess and process your application and to enable us to contact you about your application. Your information will be held securely within SMTC and only passed to others within the Council for the purposes of assessing this grant application. Information will be destroyed in line with the Council’s Information Retention Policy.

When you have completed the application please confirm that the information given in this application is correct and that the project/organisation is not established or conducted for private or personal profit.

  • I, as the applicant, declare that I have read and understood the guidance and Application form.
  • I understand that Shepton Mallet Town Council may reject my submission if there is a failure to answer all relevant questions fully or if I provide false / misleading information.
  • I have provided all the supporting documents as requested in the application form. • I declare that there is no conflict of interest in relation to the Council’s requirements.
  • I undertake to inform Shepton Mallet Town Council of any changes in the organisation’s circumstances that would affect this application.
  • I understand my group/organisation’s responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010 and declare that the project that is the subject of this application does not discriminate against potential users who are from the Protected Characteristics.

Section Six - Checklist

Please upload the relevant documentation:
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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.

When applying for one of our schemes, please ensure you include all documentation at the time of applying.

If your organisation is interested in one of our schemes and requires further guidance on whether your community group meets our criteria for financial support, or for an application form, please email or contact the office on 01749 343984 for an informal chat.

Please see link below for organisations who received a grant or donation during the financial year 2021/22 and 2020/21

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