Last week Shepton Mallet Town Council had their Annual Meeting of the Council where Dave Crisfield was elected as the Council’s new Chair.

Matt Harrison who has been the Chair of the council since 2020 has presided tirelessly over the transformation of the Council, supporting positive change in the town.

Gavin Mayall, Vice Chair said: “Matt took on the job as chairman of our council at a very difficult time, he has been instrumental in its transformation, presiding over the creation of an environment of inclusivity and transparency, allowing all voices to be heard.

Gavin Mayall was voted in to continue his role as Vice-Chair of the Town Council.

“The job of chair is not an easy one but Matt has always carried out his role with amazing impartiality and fairness at its core. Matt I thank you personally and on the behalf of the town for a very difficult job exceptionally well done”

The representatives of the committees are as follows:

Recreation Amenities & Environment

Chair: Garfield Kennedy, Vice Chair: Martin Berkeley. Jane Nicklin, Kai-Thomas Roth, Gavin Mayall, Janet Reilly, Matt Harrison, Abi McGuire, Edric Hobbs.

Town Development and Planning

Chair: Jane Nicklin, Vice Chair: Tom Makin. Matt Harrison, Garfield Kennedy, James Brittan, Becky Stokes-Stephens.

Arts, Culture, Communities & Tourism

Chair: Martin Berkeley, Vice Chair: James Brittain, Garfield Kennedy, Dave Crisfield, Rob Heaton, Gavin Mayall, Jon Ducker

Policy & Resources

Chair: Gavin Mayall, Vice Chair: Janet Reilly, Garfield Kennedy, Jane Nicklin, Martin Berkeley, Dave Crisfield, Matt Harrison