The 10th -14th July is Local Council Clerk Week, all over England and Wales, clerks to town, parish and community councils are working hard for their communities.

Local councils are not new – these first-tier local authorities were introduced in 1894 to give a democratic voice to local people. But they have changed enormously in that time, especially over the last 20 – 30 years. They are real place shapers and, today, Shepton Mallet Town Council manage and maintains the park, skatepark, play areas, allotments, public toilets, street cleaning, events, provide community grants which support many local organisations to run and much more. So, who runs the council?

Working with their Councillors, local council clerks and their team get things done; often responsible for bringing everything together and delivering the ideas of the Councillors and community. Clerks are professionals, they’re usually trained and qualified in community governance and council administration. Juggling a range of skills from finance and accounting, staff management and HR to understanding and interpreting relevant and ever-changing legislation.

Shepton Mallet’s Clerk is Claire Commons, she has worked in local government for over 24 years and is a valuable asset to the Council. we want to say a huge THANK YOU to her for all the hard work she does for Shepton Mallet.