Celebrating achievements, honouring volunteers and recognising those who make a difference to Shepton Mallet

Shepton Mallet Town Council are pleased to announce the launch of its Civic Award. This yearly award recognises the local people and community groups who make a difference in our town. We want to celebrate the outstanding contributions of the people who give their time to make a positive difference to the lives of our residents. If you know a person or a community group who has worked tirelessly for the community, now is your chance to ensure they get the recognition they deserve.

To nominate a person or community group you must:

  1. Live in Shepton Mallet
  2. Find a seconder for your nomination (and they must be over 18 if you aren’t).
  3. Nominate a person or group who either live in or work in Shepton Mallet.
  4. Tell us why the person or group deserve to win!

Full terms and conditions can be found in the Civic Awards policy .

Nomination form

Nominations are now open for the Shepton Mallet Civic Award. You can make a nomination anytime between now and 31 December 2020.

    This nomination must be made, and seconded, by a person living in Shepton Mallet.

    I am nominating * An individualA local community group

    The individual or community group being nominated will be contacted by the town council to confirm they are willing to be considered for the award.

    I confirm that this individual or community group either reside or operate in Shepton Mallet

    Please explain why you believe that this person or community group deserves a Civic Award * (Max. 500 words)

    By completing this form, you accept that the town council will contact you to confirm your identity.

    Please confirm that you accept that Shepton Mallet Town Council retains your details for the purpose of processing your application and any subsequent award. These details will be removed after the process is complete.