Shepton Mallet Town Council plan to improve the amenities at Collett Park making a new gateway to the park and marking the start of the Strawberry Line at the end of Park Road.

The project aims to support economic regeneration increasing the positive impact of the park and encouraging greater footfall to the town through the year. As well as improving facilities at the park, the aim is to provide a more enjoyable and diverse experience for park users and residents, supporting health and wellbeing, and bringing people in contact with one another and nature.

What does this mean?

Specifically, the project will be looking at improving the following aspects of the facilities at Collett Park:

  • The entrance to the park from the town.
  • The café; including the provision of indoor and outdoor seating
  • The standard and accessibility of the toilets
  • The landscape surroundings of the café
  • The opportunities for community groups to be involved in the park
We want the new facilities to meet the needs of the people that use the park, please take 2 minutes to fill in our survey here:

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Use 3 words
What brings you to Collet Park now?
When do you come to Collett Park?
What would attract you to Collett Park more often?
If we could improve the café what do you think this should include?
What should the look and feel of the new building be like – which of the following qualities or features are important to you?
What could a new café/gateway pavilion offer to support health and wellbeing?
What would make this area of the park a better place for groups to meet?
What would make cycling to the park easier?
We will be looking at different models of funding for the project, including fundraising from external organisations and taking out a government loan. If you are a Shepton Mallet taxpayer, how much would you be willing to pay through your council tax every week as a household for improved facilities in the park?

We’d like to ensure a wide range of people take part in this survey. To help us please fill out the optional questions below.

Do you have a garden at home?
What best describes your ethnic group?
What is your age group?
What best describes your gender?
Keeping in touch

Next steps

The Town Council formally resolved to pursue this project in January 2023 and hope that the project can be completed in 2027.

Every decision regarding the project has been made in a public meeting. Report and minutes are visible on the Town Council website and links are provided here for ease:

23 01 10 Full Town Council: Adopt the principle of the Phase 2 Project

23 06 20 Full Town Council: Agree project scope

23 10 24 Full Town Council: Agree appointment of a RIBA Client Advisor

24 02 27 Full Town Council: Adopt draft Project Budget and Work Programme

24 04 16 Full Town Council: Agree preferred funding model for project and appointment of a Quantity Surveyor


24 06 25 Full Town Council: Agree whether to lease the premises or Town Council to operate it

24 09 03 Full Town Council: Adopt the draft Business Plan

24 10 22 Full Town Council: Adopt final Design Brief and agree specification for design team tender