Community grants & donations

Grants for you

Are you involved in a local organisation that requires funding towards a local project?

Shepton Mallet Town Council operates two schemes which award grants or donations to local organisations to help them achieve their aims and objectives. These can be used to fund either new projects or continued services and may also be used as matched funding.

The Town Council has a policy of assisting local community groups and applications must be from a properly formed group, club, committee or charity, which must show that the group has charitable/community aims whilst benefitting the residents of Shepton Mallet.

Community Donations

• Applications considered at committee twice a year on 22nd September 2020 (postponed from June) & 12th January 2021 (postponed from November);
• A financial contribution of up to £2,000 and given on a one-off basis only;
• Some basic conditions, such as giving credit to the Town Council in publicity and giving a report on how the money was spent.

Community Grants

• Applications considered at committee once a year in November;
• For a specific purpose, with specific terms and conditions and may be for more than £2,000 and/or might be requested over more than one financial year;
• Monies might be given in stages, subject to satisfactory completion of the first stage of the project;
• The recipient organisation will be invited to work collaboratively with the Town Council;
• The organisation may be asked to enter in to a Service Level Agreement.

Organisations will also need to show that they possess a Constitution/Set of Rules, a bank account and Public Liability Insurance.

If your organisation is interested in one of our schemes and requires further guidance on whether your community group meets our criteria for financial support, or for an application form, please click on the link or contact the office on 0800 061 4089 for an informal chat.

Key dates 2020/2021

Community Donations
• 22nd September 2020 – closing date for applications – 1st September 2020
• 12th January 2021 – closing date for applications – 22nd December 2020

Community Grants
• 10th November 2020 – closing date for applications – 20th October 2020

Community Donations Scheme Policy
Community Donations Application Form
Community Grant Scheme Policy
Community Grants Application Form