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Do you have an imaginary friend?  A little piece of mischief only you can see?

Sophia’s imaginary friend is Mr Whatsit.  No matter where Sophia finds herself living, he’s always there with a joke to tell and a game to play.  But when Sophia moves in to her new foster home, Mr Whatsit finds himself unimagined!  Now Sophia has a new imaginary friend- the glamourous, grown-up Margo.

Can Mr Whatsit’s childish playfulness keep him from being unimagined for good? And with her imaginary friends competing against each other, wil Sophia manage to find her forever home?

(Doors open at 3.30pm, No need to book)

St Paul’s Pauls school hall, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5LA

Made possible by Shepton Mallet Town Council and The Arts Council, part of all the worlds our playground led by Bowlish Infants School.



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