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The Shepton Mallet Carnival that we have today, started back in 1965, and draws crowds of more than 10,000 supporters to watch the procession.

The Somerset Carnivals date back more than 400 years, and are one of the most spectacular unique events in Somerset today. Carts as they are referred to in Somerset, are designed and built by dedicated carnival clubs around the West Country.

These carnival clubs raise money throughout the year, and work relentlessly to achieve their spectacular carnival entries.
Their completed cart then takes part in the carnival parade along with over 100 other entries, these range from single masqueraders dancing in the streets to 100ft illuminated carnival carts, some with up to 30,000 light bulbs, these will be in the categories of tableau, feature or comic all pulled by decorated tractors.

Calendar of Meetings – 2023/24

Download – 2024-25 Calendar of Meetings