Gavin Mayall

Which ward do you represent?

East Ward

Any committee roles?

I currently serve as vice chair of the town council, member of the Rae, Act, Hr and chair of P&R

Tell us a little bit about yourself (100 words max)

I am passionate about active travel and creating a viable commuter and leisure alternative to the internal combustion engine. Since becoming a councillor, I have become very involved in the negotiations and construction of the strawberry line and the Somerset Circle. I head up The Friends of Windsor Hill tunnels volunteer group, we now have over 50 local members and deploy ourselves in many areas around the town. The town council has been through huge changes in the last few years. It’s been a struggle but we are now a really cohesive group, finally able to deliver on our election promises and a lot more.

What motivated you to become a councillor?

I became a councillor to help put Shepton back where it deserved to be, as a newcomer to the town, it was very easy for my family and I to see the exciting potential that we as a town have.
Shepton has lost so much over the years, I think as a council, we all recognise this, we are fighting every inch of the way to get Shepton the recognition and resources it needs. We have a long way to go but we have huge aspirations and ambitions for the town.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

Now in my 50s I understand that I am probably not going to change the world, but being a councillor enables me to be part of an exciting decision-making process for the town that my family, friends and I live in. I am a LibDem, all that means for the town is that I have a set of values. I honestly believe that as a council, we have put all partisan allegiances to one side. If an idea is good, it gets voted on accordingly regardless of whose idea it was!

What’s the most frequent issue you deal with in your ward?

The most frequent issue I have dealt with in the East Ward would be issues around traffic, namely pedestrian crossings, speed limits and traffic calming. The new neighbourhood plan will go a long way to help resolve these issues in the way that it gives us a blueprint for the future.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about becoming a councillor?

As a councillor, it is our job to inspire a new cohort of councillors to take over in the future. We now have a full-time staff that actually have the skills, time and resources to deliver a diverse and exciting spectrum of projects and services in a way that Shepton has not seen for a very long time. I would encourage anyone who is seriously interested in serving the town to speak to any of the current council. We keep jargon to a minimum and endeavour to be as inclusive as possible, we are all here to help.

How can people contact you if they have an issue to raise?

Anybody wishing to contact me or for that matter any of us, please use the council website, email addresses are all listed.

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