Martin Lovell


Which ward do you represent?

Shepton East


Any committee roles?

Member of Policy and Resources


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Born in York, following university education and a tour with Voluntary Service Overseas I have lived in Shepton Mallet for 43 years. I worked for Clarks for 40 years. I am an Elected Member to Somerset Council Shepton Mallet Division. I have been an Elected Member of Shepton Mallet Town Council for 32 years. My main hobby is classical music, voice and playing French Horn. I am involved with various activities in the town, including the annual Lantern Parade. I have 6 children, all of whom attended the town’s schools.


What motivated you to become a councillor?

Originally observing a bad decision made by the Council and making sure such bad decisions are not made again.


What do you enjoy most about the role?

Making good decisions on behalf of the town.


What’s the most frequent issue you deal with in your ward?

Anti-social and inconsiderate car parking, even when it is legal.


Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about becoming a councillor?

Do it! Do not hold back! If you are thinking of it it is right for you!


How can people contact you if they have an issue to raise?