Shepton Mallet Town Council iis made up of 16 elected Councillors who form the Full Town Council. Within the Full Town Council there are five standing committees, each with delegated powers to action various works and initiatives. These committees are appointed each year at the Annual Meeting where their Terms of Reference and Membership are agreed by the Full Town Council.

Each councillor of the town council has the opportunity to be appointed to at least one committee. Councillors are encouraged to participate in more than one committee to ensure that there is an even spread of the workload.

The Town Council also has a number of lead councillors who champion certain causes.

You can find our meeting dates, agendas and reports here.

Policy & Resources Committee
Policy and Resources is constituted of the Chairs of each other standing committee, plus three additional councillors plus the Chair and Vice-Chair as ex-officio members. The committee deals with topics including: Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Financial Administration, Legal Administration, Property Management, Audit and Strategy.

Membership: Cllrs Champion, Hale (C), Kennedy, Lovell, McGuire, Nicklin, SHearn, O’Connor and Harrison (Ex Officio)

Recreation, Amenities and Environment Committee
The RAE Committee is constituted of eight members and they make decisions relating to Collett Park, Outdoor Spaces, Allotments, and all Town Council amenities such as Christmas Lights etc.

Membership: Cllrs Crisfield, Inchley, Kennedy (C), Mayall, Nicklin, Stadtruckerova, Hale (Ex Officio) and Harrison (Ex Officio)

Town Development and Planning Committee
The Planning Committee is constituted of four members from the East Ward and four from the West Ward and considers the Council’s response to planning applications.

Membership: Cllrs Champion, Lovell, Nicklin (C), Shearn, Hale (Ex Officio) and Harrison (Ex Officio) + four vacancies

Arts, Culture and Tourism Committee
The ACT Committee is constitutes of eight members plus the Vice Chair and Chair as Ex Officio members. The committee make decisions about community grants, donations, events and tourism initiatives.

Membership: Cllrs Crisfield, Inchley, Kennedy, Lovell, Mayall, O’Connor (C), Stadtruckerova, Stokes-Stephens, Hale (Ex Officio) and Harrison (Ex Officio)

Human Resources Committee
The HR Committee deals with staffing matters and has delegated authority for the recruitment of staff. The committee is constituted of Five memebrs plus a reserve member and the Vice Chair and Chair of Council as Ex Officio members.

Membership: Cllrs Crisfield, Mayall, McGuire (C), O’Connor, Hale (Ex Officio) and Harrison (Ex Officio) plus two vacancies

Lead Councillors

Tourism: Cllr Lovell
Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Harrison
Library: Cllr Hale
Youth: Cllr McGuire
Walkers are Welcome: Cllr Lovell