The Town Council is committed to realising its vision as laid out in the town plan, ‘Investing in Shepton’s Future 2020-2024’. Achieving this vision involves delivering on a number of projects.

What is a project?

A project is something that is time-limited and aimed at delivering a specific service, product or result. A project is something that is ‘one-off’ and has a clear start and end point. Importantly, in order to be delivered, a project requires a budget to fund it.

Not everything the council wants to do will be a project, some commitments will be to change the way the council does something. For example, the council may wish to change one of its internal policies, or change how it delivers one of its services.


Who decides on projects?

Councillors and town council officers suggest new project ideas to the relevant committee for that project. The committee will discuss the idea and decide whether it should be agreed and how it should be funded. One of the main factors deciding whether a project will be agreed is whether it is in line with the town plan. Other factors include:

  • What the benefit of the project is to the community (is there one?)
  • Who the project benefits (is it a wide section of the community?)
  • How feasible the project is (can it actually be done?)
  • Whether the town council has authority to deliver that project (is it in our gift to do so?)
  • Resource and capacity (does the town council have the capacity in terms of people, skills and time to deliver this project?)
  • Cost (upfront cost and ongoing or recurring costs)

If you are a resident of Shepton Mallet and have a project idea you would like to discuss, please contact one of your councillors.

Project partners

Not all projects the Town Council is involved with are projects we are leading on. This means that sometimes we work in partnership with others, such as other tiers of local government or local organisations and community groups, who also have a say in how the project is delivered.


Active projects

Town centre resurfacing

Wayfinding signage (information coming soon)

Library refurbishment and community hub (information coming soon)