About this project

In spring of 2021, the Market Place and Town Street were resurfaced – this means the existing paving was removed and replaced with a new, modern surface.

An investment of more than £300,000 to improve the town centre of Shepton Mallet bore fruit when work started in March 2021. A new surface for Town Street and the Market Place transformed the tired, uneven paving and brought a fresh, well deserved enhancement to the centre of our historic market town.

The proposal, agreed at a town council meeting in October 2020, marked a pivotal moment for the town and is one of a number of projects aimed at improving and regenerating the town centre. The project was jointly funded by Somerset County Council, Mendip District Council (via a S106 payment) and Shepton Mallet Town Council and was managed by the county council.

This project was a crucial part of the town council’s commitment to improving the appearance and experience of Shepton Mallet’s town centre. It’s one of a number of projects earmarked to revitalise and improve the town centre, including the refurbishment of the library (also on Market Place) and a new wayfaring signage system for the town centre.

The resurfacing project reflects one of the key priorities identified by the Town Council in its newly adopted Town Plan ‘Investing in Shepton’s Future’, to invest in your town. The town council is optimistic that this transformation of the town centre will help to boost civic pride, encourage footfall to the town centre and improve the town centre’s suitability for public events and markets.


About the works

The project works began in March 2021 and lasted 10 weeks. Below is a map showing in yellow the area due to be resurfaced.

Map of the area that will be resurfaced

Map of the area that will be resurfaced


Archive: the below content was published before the works began and will no longer be updated. This is for information purposes only.


During the works, there will be some disruption to the area directly concerned by the works and some adjoining areas. However, residents and business owners will be able to access their properties throughout the works. More information about how the works will be carried out, in what phases and what that will mean in terms of access across the area will be available closer to the date.

The works will be carried out in ‘phases’, with some phases being completed before others are started. The first phases of work will focus on the area at the north entrance to Town Street and work up towards the Market Place. The Market Place area will be the last area to be resurfaced.

Area from n. 37 Town Street to n.11 Town Street: 15 March to 20 April

Area from n.11 Town Street to beginning of Market Place (including entrance to library and along west side of Market Place): 14 April to 04 May

Rest of the Market Place: 05 May to 28 May

These dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or changes to progress.


When will the works begin?

The works began the week of 15 March.


How long will the works last?

The works are currently expected to last approximately 3 months or 12 weeks. This is however subject to change in the case of unforeseen delays but any changes to this schedule will be communicated on this website and via the town council social media.


I am a business owner on Market Place or Town Street, will I need to close my shop throughout the works?

No. The contractors have been instructed to ensure that access to businesses (and homes) is possible throughout the duration of the works. Given the nature of the works, there will inevitably be some disruption to the area outside your business. However the site managers will endeavour to work with you to minimise the disruption depending on your business’s needs. All parties involve recognise the difficult time businesses have been through in the past 12 months and the need to continue supporting our local businesses as restrictions are lifted.


I am a resident on Market Place or Town Street, will I be able to access my home throughout the works?

Yes. Access to homes will be possible throughout the works.


What will happen to the Friday market during the works?

The Friday market will continue uninterrupted by moving to a temporary location for the works. Mendip District Council have consulted market traders and local businesses on this decision and as a result, the market will relocate to Great Ostry car  park.


Why are these works taking place?

The current paving slabs on the Market Place and Town Street have been in place for a great number of years. Over this time, some of the slabs have moved and become uneven which has resulted in numerous incidents of trips and falls. In addition, there are a number of cracks across the paving which has meant vegetation has been able to grow. Overall, the surface appears tired and in need of refreshing. The Town Council hopes that his new surface will make a significant improvement to the appearance of the town centre and will go hand in hand with other schemes to this end.


All parties involved in the project are mindful of the need to minimise the disruption to local residents, businesses, services and visitors to our town. If you have any concerns, you may contact info@sheptonmallet-tc-gov.uk.